We All Have To Start Somewhere

So today is the first day of the biggest battle I may ever face.  Its only been a few hours and already I am crawling out my skin.  Its so crazy when you have so much fun,  not a care in the world.  But when it is all said and done………  GUILT.  All I ever wanted in life was your typical family with the home and picket fence,  but hear I am fucking like a stallion,  some random piece of ass, smoking clouds after clouds of what is to me pure Ectacy.  And at the other end of this a friend who sometimes I cant even recognize anymore.  Both of us lost not only in our sexual thoughts,  but literlly lost and drowning without a life raft to save us.  I would be lying if I didnt say I was scared,  and even a tad bit pessimistic of my chances for success.  Today is the day that I prove once and for all that I can beat this addiction,  and it will not have a hold on me any longer.  Its silly thinking how boring life is gonna be.  No more missions to score,  or orgy gang bangs that last from dawn till dusk. This is a form of therapy for me.  A way for me to get out what Im feeling,  without using to numb myself.  

Jaden Emerson Fox



Dont Be Ashamed Of Your Story It Will Inspire Others



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