Love And Reality Which is the way?

When we think of love,  everyone pictures the happy couple living everyday in pure marital bliss.  But unfortunately that is not the reality of it all.  Love, relationships:  they are messy.  Arguing and fighting,  disagreements and confuision, ect.  Now dont get me wrong there are also the amazing parts.  The make up sex,  love making,  the moments when you realzie why you are in love with that person,  and even with the moments of pure sadness,  its those moments that can push you through.  Its crazy when you love someone so much but even with the ove,  sometimes its not enough.  Does love pay the bills,  does it build stability to raise a family.  The answer is no… Unless your profession is escort or something of that sorts lol.

We all wanna believe in the saying “Love will conquer all”  but sometimes it just isnt enough.  Its crazy because I can say that I have loved many times,  but have only been truly in love once.  Now his doesnt mean that there is no one i will ever love or be in love with again,  its just never the same than the first.   I am a true believer that when everything is functioning and there are no worries  or stress love can prevail.  I am hopeful that when the time is right and everything is ready and steady,  I will once again be able to feel and believe in love

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