So scary because ive gone almost a week and today I am squirmming in my own skin,  wanting that sense of relief.  It started off as a simple drink.  When Im met with adversity,  on something as simple as hanging out with friends and having a drink.  It brings out these cravings.  Maybe its right to keep me chained back.  Im a very easily manipulated ,  and with temptation only a drive away.  Its better that I just stay and avoid it all together

I wanna lie to myself and make me believe that if i go out and have this one drink,  that it wont lead to more.  But the fact that the matter is that its already on my mind and its easier to sAY YES WHEN YOUR ALREADY ENTHRALLED IN THE SITuation.  I have to thank my support system for even when ive given up.  There are many that still think i can fight.

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