Failure and the regret that comes with it

Sobriety has never been an easy thing to attain, let alone maintain. It’s crazy cause u can have a day, year, 5 years, ect, and it takes 1 bad decision to take it all away. Now as addicts we have all made it a point to blame our relapses on everything else but ourselves. The pressure of a new job,. An argument with a loved one, or even something as simple as it being discussed in front of you. Ultimately the decision to break the sobriety falls on us and nobody else but us. Addiction isn’t something that with a pill can be cured,or with counseling can be taken care of. Addiction is a life long disease like HIV or Cancer. It can be controlled or contained, but if it is not delt with everyday it will show it’s ugly face and not only dictate your problems in your life, but ultimately end it permanently. Everyone copes and deals with being an addict differently, some have support systems like family and friends to lean on,. Others rely on thier higher powers whatever that may be for them, and most addicts try meetings either attending daily to attemding a few a week. Whatever your coping mechanism is believe in that and remember that we are stronger than any addiction. And we may not always win the battles but will always win the war in this case sobriety.

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