Optimistic thinking at its best.

So flashback three days ago…………….  Leaving work Im thinking to myself how nice life is sometimes.  People are always telling me that I focus too much on the wrong things in life,  honestly I just feel that I am being realistic and nothing can really suprise me.  But i regress lol.  The point is ,is that as Im leaving work I am pretty damn proud of where I am at at this moment in time.  It may not be were I ideally want to be, but its definately a point in the right direction.  My health could always be worst but it isnt.  Im still able to walk, see, breathe, hear on my own.  My family is still around,  unfortunately not the same for many family and friends of mine.  And I am blessed to have a good paying job…..Hell any paying job,  but a good payng job is icing on the cake.  

Its so easy to say woe is me, woe is me,  but ultimately the only person being hurt by this is yourself.  I am definately guilty of not enjoing the smaller things in life and not basking in the beauty and joy the is before us every day.  Always remember that things may seem bad,  and possibly they have always been for you.  But if you really think bout it.  There is always so much worst than can be going on.

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