As I sit here and realize the crazy outburst that are spewing out of my mouth, it’s as if I’m having an out of body experience. All of a sudden I am watching my self. Or at least that’s what it feels like. The feeble attempt to control everything and get life back into a sensible path has completely backfired and exploded all up in my face. As I go down the line of failures, 1. Relationship check, 2. Home life check, 3. Sobriety check, 4. Sanity check. 1 by one falling down like a dominoe with no hope for recovery.

But then we take a step back a truly evaluate everything as it really is, yes the relationship isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely not completely broken, and the fact that people are still willing to fight for it, is proof enough that it’s not over till it’s over. Home life may be rocky, but at least there is still something to call a home. Sobriety may be finished, but as long as your still breathing u live to be sober another day. And sanity, well let’s face it who in this crazy fucked up world is still same not a damn Pierson, so as long as your not our there murdering tour a ok. There is definitely a chance for redemption. You just have to be ready to take back charge and show everyone why u have survived, and why u continue to be a survivor.

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