It couldn’t last.

So today has been an up and down rollercoaster ride, so fast changing that i couldn’t even keep up with how I was feeling. One minute I’m spaced out to the moon, then frustrated like I wanna scream. Saddness then kicks I. And that’s the worst because it’s those moments when u are literally feeling the sense of rock bottom. Sometimes I really wish I could just shut down the emotions and feel nothingness, emptiness, that blank slate. The things begin to start to look up, and u realize that there is hope, and a silver lining at the end of this tunnel. Start thinking about the possibilities yet to come, and before u even know it. 1.2.3. Poof. Your are reminded that u are never really allowed to feel that sense of normalcy, because those are the moments when your guards are down, and the addiction really let’s u have it. Definitely change is onthe way, hoping for the best. but settling for none at all. Its crazy when the word settled is used because pretty much u have succumbed to whatever they want and how they want it. Somwtimes….. Ok seriously most times it’s the easy way. But that’s why it’s done. I think I’m tired of settling is definitely time to take the bull but it’s horns and show everyone how we deal the hardness of reality. Nothing isn this world is easy and I have definitely learned the hardway

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